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Some experts believe the delivery of financial services is generic… we respectfully disagree. We strive to make you feel like you’ve never experienced better service than you do from us. We won’t treat you like a number, and we certainly aren’t just interested in your transaction. We offer financial solutions – plural. We’re interested in you, your goals, and what matters in your world.

We’re proud of our team of bankers and how hard they work for our clients and communities. We’re at your service and you can count on our team. Our responsibility is to help you. Our privilege is to find the right solution for your specific wants and needs. We promise to make you feel extraordinary attention, confidence, and ease in every relationship with our organization.

We look forward to taking care of you.

Bill Addington Photo
Bill Addington
Raymond James Financial Advisor 740-455-7309
Darin Alexander Photo
Darin Alexander
Manager, Main Office 740-455-7231 email
Bob Bigrigg
Commercial Lender 740-623-0114 email

“Most of my relationships have been built over time. My clients have confidence in me and trust me to do the best job I possibly can for them.”

Sue Edwards
Mortgage Lender 330-681-7001 email
Paulla Emery Photo
Paulla Emery
Manager, Newcomerstown Office 740-498-4103 email
Barbara Gibbs Photo
Barbara Gibbs
Senior Vice President,
Commercial Cash Management
740-455-7216 email

“Our local approach for providing financial services sets us apart from other banks. We are an active part of the communities we serve and strive to be there for you when you need us.”

Theresa Gilligan Photo
Theresa Gilligan
South Maysville Office 740-455-7314 email
Steve Haren
Vice President,
Retail Administration
740-455-7275 email
Vice President, Retail Administration-Main Office, Zanesville 740-455-7275 email

At Century we take the time to get to know our clients, their business, and how we can help them accomplish their goals. It is not about obtaining the sale but establishing a banking relationship that will stand the test of time.”

Noelle Jarrett Photo
Noelle Jarrett
Mortgage Lender 740-454-3088 email
Jeff Jordan Photo
Jeff Jordan
Vice President 740-754-2265 email
Alaina Joseph Photo
Alaina Joseph
Commercial Lender 740-588-2247 email

“We take pride in our service. It’s not about making a sale or pushing products. It’s about listening to our clients and recommending solutions that fit.”

Devin Kanavel Photo
Devin Kanavel
Commercial Cash Management 740-617-0237 email

If a client has a problem, I make it my problem. Providing excellent service and going above and beyond is what makes the difference!”

Kang Kim Photo
Kang Kim
Raymond James Financial Advisor 740-484-3293
Bruce Kolopajlo Photo
Bruce Kolopajlo
Senior Vice President 740-455-7335 email
Scott Lamonica Photo
Scott Lamonica
Manager, Dresden Office 740-754-2265 email
Susan Lasure
Consumer Lender 740-455-7284 email
Diane McHenry
Mortgage Lender 740-588-2238 email
Paula Meadows Photo
Paula Meadows
Mortgage Lender 740-455-7250 email
Jeremy Morrow Photo
Jeremy Morrow
Manager, New Concord Office 740-826-7676 email
Pat Nash
President 740-455-7207 email
Jason Newton Photo
Jason Newton
Manager, Zanesville Brandywine Office 740-455-7293 email
Rusty Parsons Photo
Rusty Parsons
Manager, Cambridge Office 740-439-0014 email

We take pride in building relationships with our customers. It’s not about selling a product. It’s about working together with our customers to help them achieve success.

Kelly Rager
Business Development Officer 330-681-7007 email
William Rinehart Photo
William Rinehart
Manager, Logan Office 740-385-5621 email
Christy Robinson Photo
Christy Robinson
Commercial Cash Management 740-455-7217 email

“You can count on me to treat you the way I want to be treated. I firmly believe that’s the type of attention and care you deserve from your banker.”

Kandy Sampsel
Manager, Coshocton Plaza Office 740-623-0114 email
Kandy Sampsel Photo
Kandy Sampsel
Manager, Coshocton Plaza Office 740-623-0114 email
Nat Schneider
Commercial Lender 740-588-2266 email

“Exceptional customer service is both a privilege and an expectation. When you treat people the way you want to be treated, they see very quickly how much you care about their business, their family, and their goals.”

Terri Sidwell Photo
Terri Sidwell
Commercial Cash Management 740-455-7213 email

“The most important aspects to serving my clients is listening and providing the best solutions to meet their individual needs.”

Jody Spencer Photo
Jody Spencer
Senior Vice President, Trust Officer 740-455-7252 email
Paula Stewart
Mortgage Lender 740-593-7757 email
Tori Thomas
Commercial Lender 740-454-3341 email

My favorite part about being a Century banker is connecting with our community. To see a local business grow and succeed and know that I was a part of it – that feels great!”

Alton Thompson Photo
Alton Thompson
Commercial Lender
Senior Vice President
740-454-3086 email

“I truly view what we do as a partnership with clients. We aren’t product pushers feeding our own short term agendas. We try to provide solutions that lead businesses to long-term success.”

Jennifer Thompson
Mortgage Lender 740-622-4455 email
Melissa Tom Photo
Melissa Tom
Assistant Trust Officer 740-455-7209 email
Kayla Watts Photo
Kayla Watts
Manager, Zanesville East Office 740-455-7305 email
Brian Wells
Commerical Lender 330-681-7002 email

I truly enjoy working with business owners of all sizes. My goal is to help simplify banking, create long-term relationships, and become a partner with small business owners in the community.