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Save & Grow

Grow your company’s savings and build for the future.

Saving at the personal level can help you buy a car, go on a dream vacation, or better prepare you to handle future costs. Saving for your business is just as important. Securely setting aside company money can make it easier to manage equipment purchases, employment costs, and other business expenses.

Your success is important to us. We offer several different savings options to support your business, each with distinct features and advantages. Our local business bankers or cash management specialists are always glad to talk about the best solutions for your unique business needs.

Business Savings Account

Grow savings for your business. Easily set aside accessible cash reserves that earn interest.

Sweep Arrangements

Maximize earnings on your company’s working funds. Idle money in your checking account is automatically transferred to an interest-earning account.

Certificate of Deposit (CD)

Select a term length that works for your business and place money in a CD. You’ll earn interest and keep your funds secure, growing your company’s assets.


Get multi-million dollar FDIC insurance coverage on funds placed in CDs with certificate of deposit account registry service (CDARS). Earn one interest rate, receive one statement, and have your funds divided among federally insured banks in amounts below the FDIC insurance maximum of $250,000.


Access more coverage than the FDIC insurance maximum of $250,000 with insured cash sweep service (ICS). You’ll get the convenience of one interest rate and one statement for funds in your company’s deposit or money market accounts.